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My three-year-old is kind of a girly girl. It’s okay, it’s her choice. We try to expose her to a little bit of everything, and she mostly prefers the frilly, feminine stuff. That’s fine. It’s who she is right now. Pink is her favorite color, and, when presented with gendered toys, she usually picks the “girl” one. Not always, but usually. Again, her choice.

Having said that, holy shit does it bother me when we order a Happy Meal and the drive-thru worker asks, “Boy or girl?”

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Comics are the best.

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Thomas, who would go on to found 2K Marin with LeBreton, where he directed BioShock 2, remembers the sense of elation when a design fell into place. One night he was working on the area of the game for which he was responsible, Fort Frolic, where an insane artist, Sander Cohen, holds the player captive. “Chris Kline, lead programmer at the time, was there at 2am with me, and would give me a first read on new content. I was trying to show him Cohen’s big final entrance scene, and had been tinkering with it for several days, with the savvy assistance of JP LeBreton.

"That night, though, some minor bug fouled it up. Chris left to go home." Thomas remained at his desk and, after some time, solved the issue. "In the scene Cohen descends - applauding himself. There’s canned cheering and the music swells… but the only people there to observe his work are you, his prisoner, and the dead. Oblivious in my pride I stood to my feet, arms thrown up, and bellowed: ‘IT IS DONE!’ to a completely empty building. As Cohen sat there in his looping poses, admiring his masterpiece, I realised that, in a way, I had become him."

The always startling Simon Parkin writes about the true story behind Bioshock 1. Warty as hell and completely compelling. Also includes the whole of the original Bioshock pitch. (via kierongillen)
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When characters are talking to Starling, they often talk direct to camera, when she is talking to them, she is always looking slightly off-camera. Director Jonathan Demme explained that this was done so as the audience would directly experience her POV, but not theirs, hence encouraged the audience to more readily identify with her.

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Coming Detractions


I felt a little out-of-sorts when I walked out of Captain America this weekend, but don’t read that as any judgement on the film. My mood - and I’m not sure how to describe it except to say it contained grains of irritation, amusement, and dismay - was entirely the result of the coming…


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A statement to ULine, our former office supply vendor. Basic human rights trump deals on office supplies any day of the week.

Nicely done, guys.

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In my mind, continuity means the best writer at a company is held hostage by the worst.
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Jeremy Renner take notes