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When characters are talking to Starling, they often talk direct to camera, when she is talking to them, she is always looking slightly off-camera. Director Jonathan Demme explained that this was done so as the audience would directly experience her POV, but not theirs, hence encouraged the audience to more readily identify with her.

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Coming Detractions


I felt a little out-of-sorts when I walked out of Captain America this weekend, but don’t read that as any judgement on the film. My mood - and I’m not sure how to describe it except to say it contained grains of irritation, amusement, and dismay - was entirely the result of the coming…


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A statement to ULine, our former office supply vendor. Basic human rights trump deals on office supplies any day of the week.

Nicely done, guys.

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In my mind, continuity means the best writer at a company is held hostage by the worst.
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Jeremy Renner take notes

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Maslany’s ability to tackle that clone character as well as six others led to widespread acclaim both inside the industry (with a Golden Globe nomination) and out (with fans like the #CloneClub obsessing online over the show). But the ride is just getting started, with season 2 kicking off April 19.

caaaaaan’t waaaaait

Really excited for season 2. Best sci-fi show since that one you really liked.

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How is it I’ve never seen this?

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So if there was one overarching theme to True Detective, I would say it was that as human beings, we are nothing but the stories we live and die by — so you’d better be careful what stories you tell yourself.